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stoney clover lane

Branding & Marketing Design

As graphic designer at Stoney Clover Lane, my role has involved contributing design expertise to the wide variety of outcomes including developing overarching brand and collection identities, as well as seasonal marketing campaigns and collaborations. These final outcomes ranged from digital illustration assets to Instagram stories, email marketing campaigns and print design for events and in-store activations.

Store Illustrations

Branding Deck & Marketing Collateral Samples


Marketing Collateral Samples


The Jumbo Fanny Pack Launch (Limited-Edition Colors)


The Nylon Scrunch Handle Bag Launch (Classic Collection)

Kendall's 30th Birthday Sale


SCL x Target

Wholesale Brand Lookbook

All copy, artwork, designs, graphics, trademarks, logos, slogans or other materials contained in any attached files are the exclusive property of, or licensed to, Stoney Clover Lane, LLC (”SCL”). All rights in such materials are expressly reserved and retained by SCL, including all trademark, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights therein. No license in such materials is granted through this communication other than for the specific purpose for which is intended, which shall be for the sole benefit of SCL and not for any third party use or other commercial purpose. The attached materials shall not be modified in any way.

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